The Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s Office announced Tuesday that a grand jury indicted a 15-year-old squeegee worker for shooting and murdering a driver who assaulted a group with a bat last month in downtown Baltimore.

In the killing of Timothy Reynolds near Light and Conway streets last month, the juvenile faces eight adult felony charges that may place him in prison for life.

Although the teen’s counsel has stated that the case should be handled in juvenile court and that the shooting was not first-degree murder, the indictment means that the case will be tried in adult courts.

“We had hoped that they would not charge him with first-degree murder,” stated attorney Warren Brown.

If convicted, the kid could spend the rest of his life in prison.

According to authorities, on July 7, 48-year-old Timothy Reynolds got into a fight with a group of squeegee workers downtown, pulling his car over and approaching the group of young guys on foot with a bat.

However, according to court filings, as Reynolds walks away, three young males pursue him, hurl a rock at his head, and a suspect wearing a black mask covering his face shoots Reynolds and flees.

The teen suspect, who is not named due to his age, is also charged with assault and having a weapon in his possession. His mother and best friend, however, claimed he never had a gun.

Brown is now attempting to have the matter heard in juvenile court.

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