Former NFL cornerback, Leigh Bodden, is running for the 2022 Prince George’s (P.G) County Executive. Born and raised in Washington, D.C., he moved to Hyattsville, Maryland (MD) and became a P.G. County resident at the age of 10. Since retiring from the NFL, Bodden traveled the world to experience different cultures and enjoy retirement life.

Bodden is a big advocate for health and fitness. He built an affordable gym in Lanham, MD to support those on their health journey. It lasted for five years until the world pandemic, COVID-19, struck, and like most businesses, he closed it down.

“I’ve been involved with a lot since I’ve retired. I’ve helped out the community in many different ways. My alma mater, Northwestern High School, I graduated from; I gave scholarships and gave money to the football program,” said Bodden.

Community is what really matters to Bodden. He stated things happen for a reason.  Whatever comes to his mind, he will put forth the effort and work to do what needs to be done.

“I believe, especially when it’s strong in my mind, I’m going to do it  and make it a reality. So I did everything I needed to do; put my name in the race and I’m doing everything I can right now to win the race as well. To be able to change people’s lives in Prince George’s County,” said Bodden.

On social media, Bodden, also known as the ‘Tea Bag King’, is known for his love of tea, his adventurous spirit, and his health and fitness, but by showing the world he is too honest and open, would this open the polls for more voters to win his campaign?

“I would hope so,” said Bodden, “Being honest is what people want, but I would say in this political world that’s not what they’ve been getting,” said Bodden

The term politically correct is what Bodden refers to as “beat around the bush” or “you’re trying to please everyone”, which is not the truth. Not only does Bodden not want to be politically correct, he just wants to be correct overall. He wants to correct the setbacks, the downfalls, anything that stops P.G. County from growing. He wants to be the one to put it in check.

“First of all, they need better leaders and that’s why I’m running for County Executive because I think people follow people’s lead and when you have a stronger leader, a leader that is not going to waiver, and is going to be headstrong in what they want and where they want to go, people will follow that,” said Bodden.

Nothing’s going to distract Bodden from the goals he has set for himself and his community. He feels P.G. County needs better policing, better communities taking care of one other, and guidance for the youth. Education is a huge priority to Bodden. He wants to create more programs to teach children life skills and what they need to succeed in this world.

“Being a leader and having those things in the forefront of my mind and wanting to change those things is what I think Prince George’s County needs. Giving back is returning something. Democracy is the people having the power. I want to return the power back to the people,” said Bodden.

Bodden finds it to be true that politicians believe the people exist to put them in power. When positions for politicians are created to give people the power, equality, and liberty to choose who they see fit to lead them.

“And what liberty is, is to be freed within a society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority,” said Bodden.

He’s fighting to win back the liberty, justice, and freedom of the people. Although Bodden has stepped off the field and is stepping into politics; his leadership skills are stepping off with him.

“A leader is a leader, it doesn’t matter what position you’re in. When you have those qualities it will transition to anything that you do,” said Bodden.

Bodden is taking one step at a time. While other county’s may need support, Bodden wants to do the best he can, where he can in P.G. County at the moment.

Voting for Prince George’s County is June 28th, 2022. You can visit for more information, updates, and voting locations. You can also follow Bodden on all social media platforms @leighbodden.

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