How to file for unemployment in DC, Maryland and Virginia

WASHINGTON – The spread of COVID-19 into the District, Northern Virginia, and Maryland is affecting several jobs as gathering places such as restaurants and bars are severely restricted or even shut down.

D.C., Maryland, and Virginia have passed legislation seeking to alleviate the burden of unemployment on residents.


District of Columbia

The D.C. Council passed emergency legislation earlier in the week designed to cushion the financial blow of COVID-19.

The bill includes a measure extending unemployment benefits for anyone who loses their job because of COVID-19.

Who’s eligible to file a claim in D.C.:

  • An employee (an employee means any individual employed by an employer) taking care of:
  • A spouse or domestic partner
  • The parents of either the employee or the spouse
  • Children, including grandchildren and foster children
  • Brothers and sisters of either the employee or the spouse
  • A residing child for whom the employee has parental responsibility
  • A person who has co-habituated with the employee for no less than 12 months

The following people are not covered:

  • Independent contractors
  • Students
  • Healthcare workers who choose to participate in a premium pay program
  • Volunteers who work in non-profit organizations, charitable, religious or educational establishments
  • Appointed or elected lay members engaged in sacred functions in any religious organization
  • Employees in the construction or building industry covered by a bona fide collective bargaining agreement
  • Casual babysitters 

To find out how to apply for unemployment insurance in D.C., click here.


For the first time since the Civil War, the Maryland General Assembly adjourn early and passes an emergency measure in response to the coronavirus and making of millions of dollars available to the governor to respond.

The bill extends unemployment benefits to people who exhaust their sick leave and people who are caring for a family member.

Maryland’s unemployment office has provided a web page responding to some questions about unemployment caused by COVID-19.

Click here to claim unemployment in the state of Maryland.


On Tuesday, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam announced that service industry workers facing financial shortfalls from briefer shifts or closures caused by the coronavirus could apply for unemployment.

Northam has also mandated a one week waiting period to apply for unemployment will be suspended, and that the requirement to conduct a weekly job search.

Just like Maryland, Virginia has set up an informational FAQ for people wondering is they eligible to apply for unemployment due to conditions brought on by COVID-19.

You can file for an unemployment claim in Virginia by clicking here.


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