Constituent Services Worldwide provides service delivery and execution for complex projects that require multiple teams, vendors, and employee resources to accomplish all requirements. Since 2011, CSW has provided the necessary tools and resources to help train and certify individuals in high-growth industries such as IT, Culinary Arts, Green Infrastructure/ Construction, Business Administration, and Cosmetology.

The purpose of CSW is to empower citizens to complete their goals. CSW brings brave thinking and a desire to be the best in their work in consulting certifications, and constituent services. CSW’s industries range from Adult Education and Occupational training to Green Infrastructure to IT Governance and Security. CSW celebrates and values partnership in various forms, this is something their company truly values as a new voice of creative problem solvers.

CSW believes corporate and individual citizenship thrives the most when all voices are heard. As we learned more about Constituent Services Worldwide, we sat down with their Outreach Specialist, Jeremy Gibson, who told us a little bit more about the company and what they do.

Q: Why did you decide to become a business owner?
Jeremy Gibson: As a minority-owned business my CEO (Dr. Robert Jordan) wanted to give the citizens of DC opportunities they could not normally afford out of pocket.
Q: What was your mission at the start of your company?
Jeremy Gibson: Our mission at the start is still our mission today. To give Washingtonians the opportunity to start a new or evolve in the one they currently work in for financial stability!
Q: What are some of CSW’s beliefs and values?
Jeremy Gibson: We bring a ferocious integrity to change the status quo, where management consultants are characterized as “Beltway Bandits” and accused of “stealing your watch to tell you what time it is.”  Each day, we strive to combine individual aspirations with our world-class capabilities to achieve your goals. CSW celebrates and values partnership in all its forms; it’s something we truly value as a new voice of creative problem solvers. We believe corporate and individual citizenship thrives the most when all voices are heard. 
Q: What services or products do you offer?
Jeremy Gibson: Certification Training and in some cases students can get paid to take courses.
Q: How can individuals enroll in certification courses?
Jeremy Gibson: Individuals can enroll in our certification courses by visiting our website, clicking the “Certification School” tab then selecting “Register Now”. Under that same tab, you can also schedule an appointment to speak with a career training coach.
If you are interested in learning more about Constituent Services Worldwide please visit their website at Take advantage of the certification courses that are available.

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