Man tased and arrested by Metro Transit Police won’t be charged

A man who was tased and arrest by D.C. Transit Police on Saturday has been released from jail. The victim was 29-year-old Tapiwa Musonza.

A video went viral over the weekend showing an officer using a stun gun to subdue 29-year-old Tapiwa Musonza at U St-Cardozo Metro Station.

According to Metro Transit Police, they say Musonza provoked the officer by taking “an aggressive stance with a balled fist.” The officer in the video was not identified.

Police say officers initially responded to a report on Saturday to a report of boys assaulting commuters with sticks on the station platform. They also heard the boys were threatening to shooting Metro passengers with fireworks. While the officers were detaining two young men, the complaining witness left the scene. Police found no fireworks, released the boys and pressed no charges.

Musonza was jailed but prosecutors indicated that he would not be facing no charges,

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