Model Highlight: Blu Jasmine, The Bronx Starlett

Bronx bombshell Blu Jasmine reminds people of the Kardashians in sorts but with a bit of hood edge. That being said is meant as a great thing. It is what makes New York’s latest IT girl a hot commodity for her hilarious skits, unique style, and hosting all different types of events.

Uncompromising and true to herself, Blu Jasmine keeps the spotlight on her while never straying from her authentic self. In every sense of the term IT GIRL, she stays highly requested but also very grounded and confident, not cocky while being that said.

Other great terms that can describe Blu Jasmine are vibe, hilarious, moody, mixxy, and savage. You never know what she is up too but it’s guaranteed to be with somebody of significance. You might even call her the most interesting woman in the world!

Her full story has yet to be told but Blu jasmine is off to an amazing start! Pull out your smartphone and bookmark the name Blue Jasmine you’re in for a treat! A one of a kind dime to keep your eyes on and ears out for the latest news.

Jasmine has done a whole assortment of various skits that have caught our team’s eyes and below are some that we hope you enjoy.




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