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Popular Baltimore rapper PISTOL P is being falsely accused of allegedly killing a man in New Jersey.



Popular Baltimore rapper “PISTOL P” is being falsely accused of allegedly killing a man in New Jersey. Pistol P is one of Baltimore’s rising artist that has been getting attention from major influencers and record labels. Following his release from jail, a little over a year ago his debut mixtape Street Scarz surpassed 1 million streams with the notable single “Trap Flow” being played at every club.  Pistol P leader of the POCKET FULL MAFIA campaign is a native of West Baltimore.
He is a public figure to the youth in the city, the embodiment of a young entrepreneur with goals of capitalizing off his talents and having the means to provide for the individuals he holds close to him with goals to make it out of Baltimore. He’s known and loved for his flashy style and wardrobe. From rocking numerous shows Pistol’s contagious stage presence and consistently releasing content he’s been putting his team on the map. His latest project “Pistol Play” contains two big singles “Da Don” & “Motion” featuring another popular Baltimore native Roddy Rackzz. Since the release, it’s safe to say Pistol is projected to be the next person in Baltimore to be a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

Fans were anticipating the mixtape “Peewee Kirkland” before 2020 was over where it was rumored to have some major artist featured on this project. Unfortunately, the system has found a way to hinder another up incoming artist with false allegations before their career breaks through. His team is hopeful the situation will be resolved quickly so he can get back to his fans and continue to release new content. Stay tuned for more updates on Pistol P.
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