Riders on the Metro should anticipate lengthier trains that run more frequently during the coming few weeks.

Riders on any line will only have to wait for a train for a maximum of 15 minutes, including on the weekends, according to Metro’s new schedule, which goes into effect on September 12.

The new schedule also coincides with the resumption of service for 7000-series railcars that had been off the lines. On the Red and Green Lines, Metro announced that it would substitute eight-car 7000-series railcars for some of the older six-car trains now in use.

Trains will run every 15 minutes on the Blue, Orange, and Silver Lines throughout the whole day, including on weekends. Currently, on Fridays and Saturdays, trains on the Blue, Orange, and Silver Line arrive every 20 minutes.

Trains will arrive every four minutes at the stations between Rosslyn and Stadium-Armory that are served by all three lines, according to Metro.

Trains on the Blue Line will run every eight minutes between Stadium-Armory and Reagan National Airport. Trains on the Orange and Silver Lines arrive between East Falls Church and Rosslyn every eight minutes. Between Stadium-Armory and Largo, Blue and Silver Line trains should arrive every 12 minutes.

Trains on the Green Line will now operate every eight minutes as opposed to the existing 15 minutes. The Yellow Line will be suspended for the next six weeks as part of a significant renovation project, according to Metro, which will also involve closing all Metro stations south of Reagan National Airport.

To integrate the new Potomac Yard station into the system, a shutdown was required.

Trains will continue to arrive on the Red Line every ten minutes.

“Providing customers with more travel options and more frequent service delivers on our priorities for the region,” “As we invest in infrastructure, open new stations and maintain our existing system, we move towards safer, more reliable service.” – General Manager and Chief Executive Officer Randy Clarke 

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