The DMV Daily Interviews: Black Haze


LivengoodLivin Clear With Black Haze


Five things about you nobody knows? 
1. I have no blood sisters.
2. I am half Ghanaian and Half Liberian, most people think i’m just Ghanaian.
3. I don’t like melon.
4. I love sleep
5. Will never try an edible lol.
Describe yourself with a quote

“Cause once you try hard, Thats when you die hard”

Name everything you do! 

– CEO of @FistsUpAfrosOut
-Creator of web series on thrift store shopping : @barGAININGwithBlachaz3
-1/2 of @haze.haze
-Masters Level Creative social worker
-Public Speaking
– (I might be missing something but this is most of it lol) – Black Haze
What’s the origin of your creativity? 

My west African heritage. Resources are often limited, but we were brought up  to get creative and make a way out of no way.

Biggest inspirations? 

Knowing my family came to the United states for a better life. Can’t let that pilgrimage go in vein.

Long term goals? 

Change the world

Favorite pre-creative traditions? 

Coloring coloring books

What’s your top 5 favorite Music artists? 
Maybe not my top, but :
-Erykah Badu
-College drop out Kanye
-Frank ocean


What events have you done? Events coming up? 

I’ve done all sorts of events ranging from community service events, to cultural shows etc. I have my annual creative networking cookout coming up July 22 for creatives in the DMV to network and meet each other.

Any way you can see the entertainment industry improved? 

If content would be judged on quality over popularity, it would better. It would force everyone to have content of substance.

Dream celebs and brands you want to work with? Dead or alive 

Oprah… thats why they call me “baby O” lol. Issa Rae,  Eddie Murphy, Dave Chappele.

Any shout outs? 

S/o to God. And to everyone that supports me and the vision.
Spell your name out with a word EX John Just Outreaching Honoring Negotiability 

Black “Muthaf*ckin” Haze lol if yall cant use curse words “Black See you at the top” Haze lol.

Where can we find you in social media/websites? 

IG, Tumblr, Snapchat : Blachaz3 Twitter: @Zaaaym_sheBlack

Final thoughts? 

Thank you for the opportunity!

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