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Walking In Style With Saved Saints



Co-Owners and teammates, Elliott Meredith III and Tyrus Fleetwood, met at Washington Adventist University (WAU) playing college basketball. After years of playing and focusing on graduating, these young men stepped out on faith and decided to make a career in fashion. After much research and learning the meaning behind certain brands, they wanted to take pride in what they wear without feeling ashamed.

“When you begin to do more research and look deeper into slogans and brands, you come to find that they don’t always align with your belief system. After looking into a particular brand that we wear quite often, we realized that it would be very difficult to wear this brand anymore. Knowing what we know now, we wanted to create something that we felt no shame in wearing. It’s also a way to witness about our faith,” said Mr. Meredith.

In 2019, Meredith and Fleetwood collaborated and built the foundation of the brand, ‘Wear what you believe’, and in 2020 Saved Saints was released. “We wanted the brand name to reflect who we are as a people in its purest state. We wanted people that are saved in Jesus Christ to be proud to wear the brand and others that may not know to inquire about the name of the brand. It’s just who we are as a company, as a people,” said Mr. Meredith. 

You can visit their website at and YouTube Channel at The SS Way. See them on Facebook and IG @savedsaints.




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