Frederick City authorities estimate that it could take four to six weeks to repair a 25-foot sinkhole that developed along southbound Interstate 270, close to the Watkins Mill exit and Interstate 370.

A pre-construction meeting was held on June 14, according to officials who spoke to 7News. Repair expenses are projected to range between $700,000 and $1 million.

The sinkhole’s repair work will commence the week of June 27 according to Pleasants Construction, Inc., which was given the contract. They have informed municipal officials that they would start mobilizing as soon as this Thursday. However, the building firm also warned officials that it might take them up to six weeks to reopen the road. According to officials, the estimated time for the repair truly depends on variables like the weather and the situation once they are fully revealed.

According to the Maryland State Highway Administration, a six-foot subterranean drainage pipe burst and created the sinkhole. Where the outside shoulder meets the outermost travel lane, the broken pipe created a circular hole.

According to officials, the hole you can see on the surface does not accurately represent the scope of the issue. The true diameter of the hole, underground, is thought to be about 25 feet.

Gaithersburg’s southbound I-270 sees average daily traffic of about 190,000 cars. The Maryland State Highway Administration advises motorists who utilize southbound I-270 in the morning rush to switch to Maryland 355, take public transportation, or telework.

Featured Picture Credit: 7 News

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