We are in a time when people who are familiarized with working a full-time job are now transitioning into entrepreneurship full-time. This mindset immediately shifted to Generation Z who are “the generation of change”.  The youth are now getting knowledge and receiving opportunities led by those that came before them. This also gives the youth access to tools and resources that can create generational wealth. Opportunities such as these can improve our communities, school systems, and overall success rate. Entrepreneurship is a troublesome field that comes with tons of perks. You have the chance to create your own lane and opportunities. Especially when you include in your creative freedom, ability to help others, and overall happiness.

Meet 12-year-old Londynn Williams from Baltimore, MD, she launched her own brand of Edge Control called “Slick Chicks”. The mission of Slick Chicks is to improve the confidence, self-esteem, and overall beauty of women of all walks of life. No matter the circumstance or your outfit, you always have time to be a “Slick Chick.” Londynn has had a passion for beauty products since she was an infant. Reminiscing back to times she curated her own fashion shows in her mom’s living room, Londynn always knew her calling was to embrace her inner beauty.

Following the footsteps of her mother, Cinnisha Lewis, a licensed esthetician, Londynn saw at an early age the building of a brand. Now she has the opportunity to implement all of the great things that were modeled for her. Lewis saw the quality of a leader in Londynn and could not resist investing in the opportunity. Oftentimes it is easy to skip past a child’s gifts early on, but Cinnisha’s role as a mother allowed her to seek greatness beyond her personal benefits and embrace it for the happiness and wealth of her daughter.


“The day you plant a seed is not the time the flower grows” – Cinnisha Lewis stating that her journey was bigger than just working for herself but now she has the ability to be the pillar of success to generations of her family for eternity. Though entrepreneurship was not glorified as much previously, Cinnisha has instilled in her children early to create their own lane in life.


Slick Clicks is a product/brand that is the universal connector for women who struggle with finding their beauty. This edge control is the final piece of beauty to your hair care. Even if you are having a bad hair day or subpar outfit, “as Long as your edges are laid, then you are a Slick Chick” says Londynn. At the age of 9, she taught herself how to do her own edges. After locking her hair- which she ‘dreaded’ at one point and suffered from low self-esteem, she aspired to define her look by slicking her edges. Londynn has helped many peers who struggle with low self-esteem and lack of confidence with self-care. So she wanted to create something that can make anyone confident within themselves.


“I always gravitated to girls who got picked on in school. I did not like that because at one point I second-guessed my looks. Then I found a deeper purpose within myself. I came to the realization that every girl is beautiful in their own unique way because there are always people who may wish to be like you in some way”. said Londynn.


Londynn became known for slicking her edges down. She carries her products everywhere she goes. One random day,  Londynn was stopped by an older lady in the beauty supply store who was in a rush to a comedy show. The lady could not resist but acknowledge Londynn’s edges. She then asked her to do her edges prior to going to the show. By the time was Londynn done, there was a long line of ladies looking to receive their edge control before she started her brand.

Entrepreneurship became a lane Londynn desired to pursue because she believed there should be a market of products for Us by Us [African Americans]. With her inviting personality, people often overlook Londynn’s shyness. In fact, she can be very shy at times. So this opportunity gives her a chance to communicate and develop as a bold successful business mogul. After asking Londynn about her future goals she simply responded “to be my own boss”. As her journey continues we hope to learn and follow her success path as she encourages and inspires more entrepreneurs.

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