Baltimore is known for some of the most notable acts and talents in the industry today. Being a female rapper from Charm City is a difficult profession when looking for visibility since the majority of the spotlight is on the most known artists such as YG Teck, Young Moose, and YBS Skola.

Today I introduce you to Jaydee Polo, West Baltimore’s young prodigy who is breaking barriers and is catching the attention of many music lovers, including those listening from out of state. Jaydee’s flow and style are so authentic that her music has gained recognition several times,  including Best Female Hip Hop Artist at the Baltimore Music Award in 2012 plus more.

Recently Jaydee Polo has clicked up with her long-time friend who has many local hits with Chinky Miyaki and they formed a duo “Jayak.” The two friends teamed up and released their single “Up“, which will soon catch the ears of many people with the exciting sound that they put on the song.

Their single, Up has lyrics about growing up in Baltimore city but most importantly they are speaking from their perspective of what they learned through their life experiences. The song is very inspirational and relatable because the duo states facts that most people who do live in Baltimore can connect to and grasp too. Not the mention the song has an unconventional sound — for a Baltimore Artist, their sound will catch many by shock.

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