From Empire to a Different world, or Snowfall and The Chi, TV shows with a diverse representation in the cast at one point were only a small pool of sitcom classics. Throughout the years, the expansion of black sitcoms has grown into more than just a show to watch. Shows now have fan bases keeping up with the actors’ life off-screen. With the rise of social media, Actors and fans are now closer than ever with the interactions of these celebrities. 

An example of a prominent show that fans connected to most this year is Insecure. Insecure is a show on HBO Max that was running for six seasons. The Director, writer, and creator, Issa Rae has decided to close the chapter on Insecure branching off into new opportunities like movies, other network deals, and creating shows like this new project called rap sh!t  that is produced also with the City Girls. 

As the doors of Insecure close, a window of opportunity arises for other sitcoms to gain a fan base. A new show whose pilot aired in December is starting to get alot of praise and comparison to the 2005 sitcom the office; called Abbott elementary. The creator Quinta Brunson gained a name for herself  for being a content producer on BuzzFeed and creating herself into a meme with the Instagram series ” Girl Who Has Never Been on a Nice Date”

Quinta Brunson has now expanded into being a showrunner, creator and producer, similar to the steps of Issa Rae being an internet sensation now branching off into bigger leads of TV production. She has been in this industry for some time developing buzz (no pun intended) making a name for herself now going into this new journey with Abbott elementary. Alongside some notable characters such as original dream girl Sheryl Lee Ralph, Tyler James Williams who played “Chris” on Everybody Hates Chris and Lisa Ann Walter who played Chessy on The Parent Trap.

A great mixture of creators, producers, and actors makes this show a great recommendation of something new to watch. According to Deadline Hollywood Twitter account: Abbott Elementary’ Becomes First ABC Comedy Premiere To Quadruple Ratings In MP35

 This traction has also given viewers a plethora of other black sitcoms to watch, such as tales and sisters on BET, Our kind of people on Hulu.

Here’s a list of a few shows to watch, as well as what time they come on and where to watch the last episode.

Grand crew – NBC/ HULU

Snowfall- HULU

Twenties- BET

The Wonder Years- HULU

The Up Shaws- Netflix

Atlanta- HULU



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